Our Philosophy

Rewards & Benefits

Our Company recognizes our employees as our most valuable assets and believes that our personnel constitute the cornerstone of the SAFE operation of our managed vessels.

We try to ensure that individuals and groups are recognized and rewarded for their contribution towards achieving our goals.

Award for the submission of SHQEE related ideas

It is the Company’s policy to promote the concept of Safety and Environmental excellence by encouraging our people to submit ideas in order to improve our SHQE performance. Our aim is all shore staff and seagoing personnel to participate in the IMS implementation, continually strive to improve performance and contribute towards new methods and ideas for safer and more efficient vessels’ operations.

In this respect an Award Scheme has been established for the employee/seafarer who will submit the “Best Idea” for improved SHQE performance as well as for the improvement of our IMS. All personnel are encouraged to submit their ideas either in writing to the DPA or through e-mail. All submitted ideas will be reviewed at the annual Management Review Meeting (MRM) and the best one will be awarded with a prize, which will be decided during the MRM. One (1) shore employee and one (1) seafarer will be awarded as Employee/Seafarer of the year.

Living and working conditions onboard

Our goal is to maintain and to improve the living and working conditions of our shipboard personnel.

The Medical care onboard is considered by the Company of outmost importance. Vessels’ medical lockers and hospitals are fully equipped with medical supplies, exceeding national and international minimum requirements, and instruments including digital cardiographs. Special training is also provided to the Master and designated Medical Officers on the use of such equipment. In cases of illnesses/injuries where there is a need for crewmember’s hospitalisation, the Company undertakes all the hospitalisation expenses.

The Company considers recreation facilities aboard the ship not a luxury but a necessity for the preservation of seafarers’ good morale, knowing that good recreational provisions can counter the development of anti-social behaviour and practices among the crew such as solitary drinking and extreme behaviour during shore leave.

Wages and articles of agreements, length of contracts, hours of work and all other issues related to work terms of shipboard personnel are always examined taking under consideration the special needs and requirements of the shipboard personnel.


The Company facilitates communication links between shipboard personnel and their families and friends through the satellite communication system of our vessels, in order to break the monotony of working and living aboard a ship.

Furthermore, a low-cost internet access is provided to all crew, onboard ships with VSAT.

Annual Medical check-up

We provide an annual or biennial medical check-up for all sea and shore staff personnel. The personnel undergo a series of medical checks that include pathological and cardiological examinations, haematological and biochemical tests as well as more specialized examinations depending on their age and sex.