Commercial Operations

Chandris provides a high level of
commercial services including chartering,
vessel operations and insurance.

Chartering Department

The chartering department consists of experienced and highly-skilled employees based in London who identify and assess employment opportunities, negotiate and conclude fixtures. The team performs on the basis of a long record of achievements, including long-term contracts of employment, joint ventures, and other forms of contracting with first class state controlled entities, oil majors, leading trading houses, commodity traders and major shipping lines.

Operations Department

The operations department is responsible for supporting the officers and crew onboard to execute the voyage safely and efficiently, procuring high quality bunkers in an economical manner and collecting the freight and other revenue pursuant to the charter parties.

Insurance Services

The insurance services: The whole fleet is insured with 1st class underwriters and International Group P&I. Our insurance team is based in our London office.

Purchasing & Forwarding

The purchasing & forwarding team is committed to provide high quality provisions, tools and materials to our seafarers in order to meet their needs in every aspect and work smoothly and safely.