Who We Are

Chandris (Hellas) Inc. is a Ship Management Company which specializes in the management and operation of oil tankers and chemical tankers.

Chandris management philosophy is to maintain a high number of experienced and motivated personnel onshore and at sea, having adopted a strict policy of safety and preventive maintenance on board our vessels.

100 Years in Shipping

Originally established in 1915, the Chandris Fleet operated throughout the 1920s, 1930s and up until the Second World War. In the 1950s and 1960s embarked on an active new building program in order to rebuild its fleet.

In this period, Chandris (Hellas) Inc. became the fleet’s main managing company and by the 1980s, the average number of ships ranged between 20 to 30 with an average size of 1.2-1.5 million dead weight tones (DWT)

In 1997 Chandris (Hellas) Inc. went back to the Newbuilding yards in order to renew and enlarge its fleet with top tier yards in South Korea and Japan. By 2011, the Company had expanded by more than 300% of the Company’s total DWT and by 2013 Chandris (Hellas) Inc. successfully oversaw and managed 26 technologically advanced Newbuildings

Today Chandris (Hellas) Inc. manages close to 3 million dead weight tons (DWT). The vessels fly the Hellenic (and other) Flags and have multinational crews.

Our noble goal, the “pursuit of excellence”, which leads to continual improvement and drives the day-to-day operations has been praised by our customers who consistently honor Chandris (Hellas) Inc. with mutually beneficial business contracts.

Our story begins here…

The important shipping tradition which characterizes a number of Greek islands was established, in many cases, on the initiative and determination of several of their citizens.


In early years of the 20th century, John D. Chandris, who was born in Chios in 1886, began working in his uncle’s shipping office, where due to his ambitious and hard working character in 1911 he became a partner.

  1. Chandris Group Founded

    by John D.Chandris

    Obtains a small number of shares in various Steamships within the Greek coastal service.

  2. 1920s to 1940s

    Fleet Expansion

    Builds and acquires thirty six tanker and dry bulk vessels.

  3. 1950s to 1960s

    Fleet Expansion

    Builds and acquires sixty six tanker and dry bulk vessels totaling in excess of 1.2 million DWT.

  4. Chandris Lines Founded

    by John. D. Chandris

    Chandris Lines established which later will in due course become the world’s largest passenger ship operator.

  5. Chandris becomes cruise operator

    by Jonh. D. Chandris

    Chandris Lines moves from passenger shipping to become a cruise operator.

  6. 1970s

    Fleet Expansion

    Builds and acquires 32 tanker, dry bulk and RoRo vessels totalling in excess of 1.6 million DWT.

  7. 1980s to 1990s

    Fleet Expansion

    Builds and acquires 23 tanker, dry bulk and RoRo vessels totalling in excess of 1.6 million DWT.

  8. Celebrity Cruises


    Celebrity Cruises is founded in 1988 by the Chandris Group.

  9. Celebrity Cruises

    Sold to Royal Caribbean

    In 1997, Celebrity Cruises Ltd. sold to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to form Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

  10. 1999 to 2011

    New Building Program

    An active newbuilding program results in thirty two new vessels being built or acquired totaling in excess of 4 million DWT.

  11. 2014 to 2015

    Entering the LNG Market

    Chandris enters the LNG market and orders two LNG MEGI 174k chartered with BP.

  12. Today

    Looking to the Future

    Manages a fleet of thirty three vessels totaling in excess of 3.8 million DWT.