Business Systems

Keeping up with technology innovation

Innovative information systems & consistent business processes are the essential building blocks of our company, unifying the problem solving and the decision making. Business systems are designed to connect all departments improving performance & daily management: the backbone of sustainability.

Our systems provide a framework for a constant pursuit of improvement and innovation, and a deep understanding of ship management business change and motivation, giving confidence to our ability to adapt in the vast evolving shipping industry’s requirements.

  • Complete ERP solution handles all internal core business processes bridging the information gap among customers, suppliers, supporting operations, on the one hand, office and vessel on the other.
  • Advanced software solution, responsible for voyage estimation and chartering management, archiving freight collection invoices.
  • BI Tools, Chandris’ business intelligence platform, offers visual data discovery tools, business analytics, and advanced reports, bringing management team from observation of changes in data to actions.


Strategy, Processes, People & Technology are the key values for achieving performance excellence.